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Player Evaluations
Player Evaluations (baseball registered players only at age groups...
Registration Closed
Thanks for a great turnout! Registration is Closed. More information...
Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations (baseball registered players only at age groups listed below) with be conducted this year at GentleBrook Sportsplex in Hartville on Sunday, February 24th. Evaluations will be conducted by the Louisville High School Varsity Coach Brian Warner and staff.

7 & 8 - Noon-1:30pm
9 & 10 - 1:30-3pm
Please use the instructions below to get to and enter the facility:
GentleBrook Sportsplex is located at: 880 Sunnyside St. SW in Hartville
GPS directions and GentleBrook signage will likely take people to the east side of the building which can get congested with other GentleBrook properties. For ease of access, it’s best for people to park and enter on the west side of the building. That is the side by Chocolate Creations. For evaluations, we’d like everyone to enter through the Rec Center door which is marked and located on the southwest side of the building (the far end). From there, participants can be taken to the Sports Center. Indoor turf shoes and tennis shoes are allowed. Cleats are not.

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Registration Closed

Thanks for a great turnout! Registration is Closed. More information to come in regards to player evaluations.

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